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March 1, 2023

SAN DIEGO, Mar.13, 2023– Global leader of Bayesian guided model-informed precision dosing, PrecisePK, and distinguished infectious disease guideline provider, Sanford Guide, today announce a joint effort to make clinical decision support more timely, accessible, and user-friendly at the point of care.

With this partnership, Sanford Guide resources can be seamlessly accessed by subscribers within the PrecisePK platform, making concise clinical guidelines for anti-infective agents and associated diseases easy to reference throughout patients’ therapeutic management.

Through decades of endeavor, PrecisePK has built a sizable network of pioneers among medical and pharmaceutical professionals, whose goals are unanimously to put patients' safety first and dedicate to evidence-based practice in dosing and beyond. In the midst of the worldwide rising antibiotics resistance crisis, this partnership is a pledge to provide clinical tools that make meeting requirements in care, compliance, and cost effortless. With this integration, members of PrecisePK and Sanford Guide will benefit from the improvement of such pharmacovigilance practices.

Edited by distinguished infectious disease experts from leading academic and clinical centers, Sanford Guide content covers treatment options for infectious diseases, syndromes, and pathogens. Guidelines are updated daily with the best available evidence and designed for use by various medical professionals.

PrecisePK makes clinical decision support more timely, accessible, and user-friendly at the point of care.

“Sanford Guide prides itself on providing concise, reliable information that gives clinicians the fastest time-to-answer of any medical reference,” mentioned Scott Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of Sanford Guide. “This collaboration furthers that initiative, giving providers more time to spend with their patients and ensuring the highest standard of care.”

“We’re delighted to be working with PrecisePK to make clinically actionable treatment guidelines available with a single click from their platform. Sanford Guide’s industry-leading infectious disease treatment guidelines are used in a variety of clinical settings, from the patient’s bedside to the microbiology lab to the pharmacy. Our integration with PrecisePK helps providers access our information within their existing clinical workflow.”

“In 2023, the work ahead to deliver AI automated patient care is still elaborate,” says Anjum Gupta, PrecisePK’s CEO, “what we can do is thoughtfully integrate technology into clinicians’ daily workflow; we want to bring the best out of clinical judgment by converting the most updated and accurate information into ready-to-apply solutions.”

About PrecisePK

PrecisePK is a leading therapeutic drug monitoring software for model-informed precision dosing. PrecisePK helps clinicians easily achieve individualized drug dosing and safeguard patient care. PrecisePK was first deployed in 1987 at the UC San Diego Medical Center and Rady Children's Hospital as TDMS 2000. Today, PrecisePK is a global provider of vancomycin AUC Bayesian dosing and offer 20+ medications models across many therapeutic areas. PrecisePK makes clinical support more timely, accessible, and user-friendly at the point of care.

About Sanford Guide

Sanford Guide provides industry-leading point-of-care guidelines for the treatment of infectious diseases. Widely used by pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, Sanford Guide improves patient care by delivering carefully curated recommendations based on the latest evidence. Sanford Guide takes pride in responsiveness to customers, the development of innovative solutions, and providing content that is unparalleled in quality and clinical utility. For more information on Sanford Guide, visit sanfordguide.com

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