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Overview & General

What is PrecisePK?

PrecisePK is a software application for therapeutic drug monitoring and the ultimate pharmacokinetic tool for both practicing medical professionals and researchers. The process of calculating an optimal dosage regimen is simplified with pre-configured PK parameters, and individualized Bayesian analytics.

How does it work?

PrecisePK calculates the patient’s starting pharmacokinetic (“PK”) parameters for the drug you are monitoring using physical and clinical characteristics such as their gender, age, body weight, height and current renal function status. Such parameters include plasma clearance, absorption rate constant, volume of distribution and bioavailability. These PK parameters can be further customized based on specific patient conditions, different models, or manually adjusted by the user themselves.

Once PrecisePK generates the patient’s PK parameters, PrecisePK can then generate serum level predictions and dosage recommendations for specific therapeutic targets. Moreover, PrecisePK offers therapeutic drug monitoring services -- allowing users to record the patient’s dosage history, changing renal function, dialysis sessions, and serum levels -- and levels/AUC analysis to ensure patients are reaching their optimal therapeutic targets.

These calculations and predictive models can be further refined using Bayesian analytics, which takes into account the patient’s dosage and serum level history. This allows for calculations that are tailored to the specific patient you are monitoring.

Who is PrecisePK for?

Pharmacologists, pharmacists, clinicians, researchers, analytical toxicologists, doctors, and medical professionals needing an efficient tool for precise pharmacokinetic calculations and dosage regimen predictions.

What drug models/patient populations does PrecisePK provide analysis for?

PrecisePK excels in all age groups, including neonates, preterm infants, and children. Certain conditions such as ICU/critically ill status, burns, pregnancy, dialysis, and obesity are also accounted for.

What is the advantage of having a shared database with your pharmacokinetics analytics software?

Pharmacists and healthcare professionals can share and store data seamlessly over a secure network and avoid redundancy. This makes pharmacokinetic analysis an efficient process and provides consistent recommendations.

I currently use a calculator to perform PK. Why switch to PrecisePK?

Many calculators perform analytics using a patient’s population data -- their weight, height, sex, age, and clinical conditions. PrecisePK does that and more.

Using Bayesian analytics and serum levels with the population data as a baseline, PrecisePK individualizes your patient’s PK parameters, dosage recommendations, and predictive models. By providing recommendations and visualizations based on an individualized approach rather than a general approach, patients can reach their therapeutic targets more efficiently. As PrecisePK gathers more data from your patient records, it will automatically adjust its models to help you dose quickly, safely, and accurately.

Additional integrations and features are also available that enhance the PK experience beyond what a calculator can do. Such features include using saved patient data, EHR integration, notes, reporting, local population models, etc.

What data does PrecisePK need and what is it used for?

PrecisePK utilizes patient data to populate PK models, data processing, research, and improving user experience. All data is protected by our HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-compliant cloud servers for security and privacy. For an extensive list on what data we collect and how it is protected, please contact us.

What drugs are included in PrecisePK?
  • Amikacin
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Digoxin
  • Flucytosine
  • Gentamicin
  • Levofloxacin/Ofloxacin
  • Lithium
  • Phenobarbital
  • Phenytoin, Michaelis-Menten Elimination
  • Piperacillin
  • Procainamide
  • Quinidine
  • Theophylline (or Aminophylline)
  • Tobramycin
  • Valproic Acid
  • Vancomycin, Two-Compartment
  • Voriconazole, Two-Compartment, Non-Linear
How Does PrecisePK ensure data security?

All data is protected by our HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-compliant cloud servers. No data is ever shared with anyone outside of your approved network of hospitals and is only accessible by the approved license holder via the application. No PHI is ever accessed or shared by employees or personnel of Healthware Inc. at any time. PHI collected by the software is automatically stored in an encrypted database without human involvement and only non-PHI is used for data processing, research, and improving user experience.  

For additional details about our encryption and security protocols, please contact us.

Product Features

Do all PrecisePK users see the same patient records?

Yes, every user at your facility will have access to the same license, thus allowing you to access the same database regardless of which computer you are logged in on.

Can I assign admin users that have greater privileges than regular users?

Yes, PrecisePK allows user access control via admin users. Admin users can add/delete user accounts from the license, manage the change history of patient records, and review the patient database. Any admin controls are provided on the “Admin” page in PrecisePK.

What population models does PrecisePK use?

PrecisePK uses a range of models sourced from peer-reviewed, reputable literature to build its Bayesian priors. For a full list of these models, please contact us for more info.

Can I select a certain population model or adjust/customize the model?

Yes, although PrecisePK can automatically determine the best PK model to use for your specific patient, you can select a preferred PK model in our program. Moreover, you are able to customize the PK model’s specific parameters using our Drug Factors or typing in your own parameter values.

How does the program handle changing Scr or unstable patients?

PrecisePK utilizes a dynamic formula selection to calculate creatinine clearance, based on your reported serum creatinine values and evidence-based literature. You may also choose to enter your own calculated creatinine clearance.

Trialing & Installation

Can I try the program or see a software demonstration before purchasing?

Yes. If you would like to attend a software demonstration led by one of our team members, please book a demo with us. After a software demonstration, we can offer you a free trial of our software. If you’re interested in trialing the software right away, please contact us and we can get back to you within 1-2 business days. If we approve of your trial, you will receive a registration email to begin your trial.

We highly recommend attending a demo before starting your trial, so that we can onboard you.

I haven’t received my registration email. How can I receive it?

Please make sure to provide a valid email address to us to ensure you receive your registration emails, and remember to check the spam folder as well. If you are still experiencing issues with receiving registration emails, contact

Can I download PrecisePK?

The web app is used on modern web browsers and is not a downloadable program. For the best experience of PrecisePK, use it on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

I have the desktop version of PrecisePK, how can I upgrade to the Web App?

It is very easy to get started on the Web App and open up accounts for your users. For more details on the process, please contact us.

Licensing and Purchasing

How much does PrecisePK cost? What is the pricing plan?

PrecisePK’s flexible and simple pricing plan is customized based on your hospital’s specific needs, size, and associations. For an accurate quote, please contact us for more information. We recommend having a brief conversation with us to assess your hospital and needs.

Does the PrecisePK license allow usage in more than one facility?

You can purchase the program for use in multiple sites. You will receive a license per site using PrecisePK.

Can I use the same license key on more than one computer?

Yes. One license allows you to log in to the program on any number of computers within the licensed facility.

Do you offer any discounts?

We have special pricing for students, faculty, and academic professionals. We also offer special pricing for GPO members. Please contact us for more details.

I purchased a license after trialing the program. How do I upgrade to a paid version of the software?

Once your order is processed, your license will be automatically updated to a paid version of the software and you will be notified. You will be able to log in as normal.

How can I pay for the software?

We accept check, credit card, and wire transfer payments. Please contact us for a quote or invoice.

System Requirements

What browsers can I use PrecisePK Web App on?

For the best experience of PrecisePK, use it on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. We also support Microsoft Edge.

Can I use Internet Explorer with PrecisePK?

Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer. Therefore, PrecisePK will not be available for use on Internet Explorer to preserve the security and integrity of the program. We highly recommend using any of the modern web browsers listed above for use with PrecisePK.

Is PrecisePK Desktop App available for Windows?

Yes. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

Is PrecisePK Desktop App available for Mac?

Yes. PrecisePK is one of the few pharmacokinetic software available for macOS Mojave (10.14).

Software Updates & Troubleshooting

How often is PrecisePK updated?

PrecisePK offers updates regularly to maintain the cutting edge of pharmacokinetics software. We update about once to twice a month.

How are users informed of updates?

Web App users will be informed of new updates upon logging in. Updates will be described in detail on our Changelog page.

Desktop App users will be notified that a new version is available upon starting up the program.

How do I report a bug?

We are constantly improving PrecisePK. If you experience any program issues, please contact us and let us know.

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