From burnout to balance: How Bayesian tools reshape pharmacy practice

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February 28, 2024

By: Steve Mok, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCIDP

Bayesian dosing tools support pharmacy teams in optimizing workflows and redefining efficiencies.

In a constantly evolving pharmacy landscape, the onslaught of regulatory requirements and the perpetual need to adapt to change often leave clinical pharmacists grappling with burnout. However, technology answers the call in the form of Bayesian precision dosing tools, promising efficient vancomycin AUC dosing workflow and a shield against burnout.

Historically, calculating precise vancomycin dosing for patients required collaboration between pharmacists, nurses, and laboratory technicians, resulting in a time-consuming and error-prone process. With the development of Bayesian dosing tools and the integration with surveillance tools, like Sentri7 and Precise PK, complex calculations and workflow complications are eliminated as optimal dosing recommendations for each patient are automatically calculated by seamlessly pulling existing patient data. Explore key benefits of how Bayesian dosing tools support pharmacy teams by improving dosing confidence and reducing burnout.

Confidence in decision-making

Bayesian tools usher in an era of precision, eliminating guesswork from daily decision-making. These tools record, compute, and monitor data in real time, ensuring precise drug dosing tailored to individual drug factors. Pharmacists can now confidently navigate dosing strategies, translating into better clinical outcomes. This assurance plays a pivotal role in mitigating burnout by eliminating the stress of uncertainty.

Technology as a clinical ally

By embracing Bayesian tools, pharmacists leverage technology to complement their clinical judgment. These tools act as a safeguard, mitigating the potential for error and adapting swiftly to evolving recommendations. When integrated with a clinical surveillance solution, pharmacists can leverage evidence-based rules to assess appropriate use and keep prescribing aligned with your hospital’s antimicrobial stewardship goals.

Empowering pharmacists for quality care

Bayesian dosing technology equips pharmacists with invaluable data insights into medication utilization and clinical outcomes, enabling them to optimize patient care without causing significant disruptions or overworking. By leveraging these insights, pharmacists can implement evidence-based interventions and monitor their impact over time, leading to enhanced patient outcomes while maintaining a healthy and balanced work pace.

Dosing workflow made seamless

Calculations and tracking, once cumbersome manual tasks, now seamlessly integrate into pharmacists’ routines with Bayesian dosing tools optimizing workflow. Automated systems make the risk of misplacing crucial patient information obsolete, fostering a streamlined and patient-centric workflow. This seamless workflow allows for access to faster, more precise calculations to proactively monitor for adjustments and reduce a patient’s risk for adverse reactions such as acute kidney injury (AKI).

Human-centered technology

Bayesian dosing tools strike a delicate balance between technology and the human touch. Pharmacokinetic (PK) values, customizable by pharmacists, offer tailored dosing solutions when standard approaches fall short, which is especially valuable in cases necessitating considerations of unique drug factors. Model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) technology can quickly incorporate any newly validated pharmacokinetics parameters from research, supporting pharmacists in ensuring personalized care for every patient. Supporting the highest standard of care In the evolving healthcare landscape, pharmacists face added workloads, more acutely ill patients, and continued drug shortages. Bayesian dosing technology fosters not just efficient workflows but also a shield against burnout. Empowered by these tools, pharmacists chart a new course towards a more balanced, fulfilling practice by accessing technology with effective and reliable clinical decision support without compromising the highest standard of care.

About PrecisePK

PrecisePK is a leading global provider of therapeutic drug monitoring software for Bayesian model-informed precision dosing. By leveraging real-time bedside assistance in drug dosing, therapeutic analytics, local populations model, AKI predictor, and other resources, the software is designed to streamline the work necessary to achieve individualized treatment and safeguard patient care, at the point of care. In addition to its robust vancomycin software, PrecisePK offers a wide array of drug modules that aid in the workflow of infectious diseases as well as several other therapeutic areas including neurology, oncology, cardiology, and pulmonology


Steve Mok, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCIDP

Manager of Pharmacy Services and Fellowship Director

Dr. Steve Mok has over a decade of experience in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship, infectious diseases and clinical pharmacy management. He has practiced in a variety of settings.

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