Portugal's Health Systems Achieve Breakthrough with PrecisePK's Bayesian Precision Dosing, Pioneering Personalized Care

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August 30, 2023

Today, PrecisePK announces that it has been selected by Portugal’s top health system, Luisadas Saude Health (LSHS), to implement the Bayesian precision dosing technology for optimized clinical outcomes. This collaboration represents a momentous achievement, as it signifies the adoption of clinically safe dosing with PrecisePK by the second Portuguese health system, following the successful implementation at Unidade de Saúde Local da Guarda (ULSG). Such progress marks a pivotal milestone in transforming digital health and personalized care for Portugal’s healthcare system. 

PrecisePK's cutting-edge model-based drug dosing solutions have been successfully piloted at Hospital de Cascais, a prominent public site within the Luisadas Saude Health. Ana Coutinho, a Clinical Pharmacist at Hospital de Cascais, commented on a challenging patient case that she effectively treated by leveraging PrecisePK's capabilities: “For my amputated diabetic patient,  PrecisePK accurately computed their PK parameters with their sample levels (trough levels). This allowed for more efficient treatment and discharge for this vulnerable patient, thus preventing healthcare-associated infections such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).”

This partnership marks a transformative shift in patient care quality, as the hospital leaves behind its previously limited software functionality and embraces PrecisePK's comprehensive clinical safe dosing solutions, including vancomycin AUC-based Bayesian Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). By leveraging model-informed precision dosing technology, LSHS can now conduct enhanced precision dosing that is data-driven. PrecisePK additionally delivers advanced analytics capabilities that give insights into the institution’s overall medication history and local population pharmacokinetics. With PrecisePK’s extensive library of extra patient factors to account for complex cases such as amputation, dialysis, obesity, pediatric or neonatal, and a few other pharmacogenomics measures, the synergy promises a significant breakthrough in personalized healthcare.

This remarkable collaboration signifies the commitment to advancing clinical pharmacy by equipping clinicians with the right tools to deliver effective and efficient clinical decision support. Evidence-based practice facilitated by this partnership holds particular significance in the field of infectious diseases. By offering precise and real-time bedside antibiotic dosing recommendations to hospital pharmacists, this approach promotes faster and safer attainment of therapeutic levels for patients. Moreover, it plays a vital role in ensuring adherence to antimicrobial stewardship principles by fostering responsible and precise use of antibiotics to combat the growing concern of antibiotic resistance. 

Overall, this alliance between PrecisePK and Hospital de Cascais accelerates the integration of precision medicine into the LSHS, shaping a future where a tailored treatment approach will revolutionize patient outcomes. “Our team has had a great experience working with Hospital de Cascais’ knowledgeable pharmacists. We are ecstatic to be able to assist them in transitioning from the outdated online calculators to PrecisePK’s MIPD software and supporting them in excelling in their clinical workflow,” Christy Xie, account manager at PrecisePK, remarks on the synergy. “PrecisePK has become extremely familiar with the antimicrobial stewardship efforts of countries outside of the US and we look forward to using this momentum to continue providing Bayesian-based technology worldwide,” she adds.

About Lusíadas Saúde

Lusíadas Saúde is a Portuguese healthcare group focused on providing excellent healthcare services and care. Their mission is to help people live healthier lives and contribute to making the healthcare system better serve everyone. Lusíadas Saúde seeks to improve the performance of the healthcare system and, in general, the health and well-being of their customers and those close to them. They support the doctor-patient relationship and provide people with the information, guidance, and tools they need to make choices and decisions about their health. Lusíadas Saúde is also the first healthcare group in Portugal to have hospitals accredited by JCI and the one with the largest number of accredited units such as Hospital de Cascais, established in 2010 as an innovative project building a close and positive relationship between the community and health centers.

About Unidade de Saúde Local da Guarda

Unidade de Saúde Local da Guarda's (ULSG) mission is to provide integrated primary, hospital, palliative, and convalescent health care to the population in its area of ​​influence, with active mobilization of the surrounding community, with a view to increasing levels of health and well-being. The ULSG also ensures the activities of operational public health services and the means necessary for the exercise of the competencies of the health authority in the geographical area covered by it, as well as research, training, and teaching activities.

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