PrecisePK's Bayesian Precision Dosing Solutions Gain Trust of Premier Health System– Setting the Gold Standard for Clinicians in South America

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October 2, 2023

 Today, PrecisePK proudly unveils yet another impactful partnership in Chile, solidifying its position as the foremost Bayesian-based TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) solution trusted by the healthcare community. This 2-year collaboration with Clínica Andes Salud Concepción marks another significant stride toward elevating the standard of clinical outcomes and patient experiences in South America. PrecisePK, with its long list of other partnered Chilean institutions, is ushering in a new era of personalized patient care by committing to precision dosing.

Through this transformative partnership, Clínica Andes Salud Concepción is embracing cutting-edge model-based drug dosing solutions that have been proven to optimize clinical treatments and streamline patient care. By leveraging this collaboration to transition out of an in-house, weight-based calculator, the institution strives towards personalized dosing tailored to individual patient data, ultimately freeing up valuable time for delivering top-tier patient care. Clinicians are empowered by PrecisePK with the tools that compute dosing regimens in real-time adjustable to patients’ renal function. The research-validated methods used in the software also allow for effortless full compliance with the 2020 Vancomycin AUC Guidelines. The transition at Clínica Andes Salud Concepción becomes even more seamless with PrecisePK's inclusion of Spanish language support. 

Servicio de Salud Talcahuano, another distinguished Chilean healthcare system encompassing three esteemed hospitals, has yielded exceptionally positive results from their utilization of PrecisePK's model-informed dosing tools, with notable clinical and financial benefits achieved through the Bayesian dosing method. “As a team of clinical pharmacists at HPL, we are very satisfied as we have made progress in personalizing treatments, reducing stays and optimizing antibiotic therapies, improving the care and well-being of patients. Secondarily, the cost for public attention has also been reduced,” Cindy Sanheuza, Head of Pharmacy at Hospital Penco-Lirquen of Servicio Salud Talcachuano remarked.

Building upon a successful track record in adapting to the Chilean healthcare system, PrecisePK has been able to tend to the needs of clinicians in Chile to advance treatment decisions at an affordable cost to their hospitals and medical institutes. With the ever-growing number of hospitals and medical institutions in Chile currently using PrecisePK, this advanced technology promises to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by introducing data-driven, evidence-based practice into clinical workflows whilst positively impacting the hospital’s financial performance. Overall, Hospital Las Higueras, Hospital de Tomé, Hospital Penco Lirquén, and other Chilean hospitals are achieving a swift transition, taking an average of just four months to progress from initial trials to full clinical implementation of PrecisePK.

Moreover, PrecisePK's impact also reaches into academic settings in Chile, where it is employed in clinical pharmacology courses offered by Chilean universities. Universidad Autónoma de Chile joins PrecisePK with a student license access for use during their rotations at the hospital. Universidad San Sebastián trusts PrecisePK with its teaching partnership at Hospital Clinico Félix Bulnes, a 523-bed public hospital facility belonging to the healthcare network of the Western Metropolitan Health Service. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile also has been utilizing PrecisePK for its students, professors, and researchers, since 2016.

“I have worked with Precise PK for years with postgraduate students, doctors, and pharmacists who work directly with patients in hospitals. My undergraduate students, during their stay in the hospital, have benefited and have learned to work, proposing dosage adjustments for specific patients. The students are surprised by the potential of the program– the use of Bayesian methods represents a strength that, together with the population models that the program incorporates, allows for dosage adjustments aimed at specific patients. The web version of Precise PK is very user-friendly, which makes it a fundamental tool for making robust dosage adjustments that benefit the entire clinical team and especially the patients,” says Dr. Claudio Paulos, Associate Professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile School of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

In conclusion, PrecisePK's unwavering dedication to advancing global healthcare through precision medicine in South America stands as a testament to the transformative power of Bayesian Precision Dosing solutions. With influential partnerships in clinical settings and a profound impact on academic progress, PrecisePK has set a gold standard for clinicians and researchers alike. By adopting these model-informed precision dosing solutions, Chilean hospitals continue to ensure medication safety and promote adherence to responsible antibiotic stewardship principles.

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