PrecisePK Expands Its Global Standing as The Most Trusted Bayesian Dosing Software for South Korea's Health Systems

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PrecisePk Pharm. D. Team
March 27, 2023

SAN DIEGO, March 27, 2023 -- Today, PrecisePK, an industry-trusted Bayesian Model-Informed Precision Dosing (MIPD) software, reports its technology is being implemented in many of South Korea's largest health systems. PrecisePK had secured a 3-year contract with some of these hospital systems– Chung-Ang University Healthcare System, Korea University System, Asan Medical Center, and Kyung Hee University, including sites at Gwangmyeong Hospital, Seoul Hospital, Guro Hospital, and Ansan Hospital. PrecisePK proudly offers drug models for more than 20 medications, including vancomycin, busulfan, tacrolimus, and many others, effectively delivering precision dosing to around 6,000 beds across these hospitals.

South Korea is renowned for its patient-centric healthcare system with a competitive healthcare market size in the Asia-Pacific region. PrecisePK aims to enhance patient care by providing cutting-edge technology and empowering global healthcare professionals to ensure medication safety at international standards. By working with pioneers in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics from the aforementioned prestigious hospitals, PrecisePK exemplifies an unwavering dedication to advancing precision medicine.

PrecisePK spearheads the worldwide application of Bayesian MIPD, trusted by additional major South Korean hospitals.

PrecisePK has consistently led the use of Bayesian MIPD in the Americas for several decades, targeting multiple therapeutic areas such as infectious diseases, oncology, cardiology, neurology, etc. PrecisePK is one of the few clinical decision-support tools in the technological age of healthcare that add value across sectors. KyungHee University will use PrecisePK's Bayesian AUC method and acute kidney injury prediction technology for research and academia to advance therapeutic drug monitoring in clinical practice and educational training.

PrecisePK's reputable innovation is trusted by some of the world's largest and most rigorous institutions, including those in Asia, as showcased by this recent large-scale establishment in South Korea. Per independent research, PrecisePK is validated as the most accurate and comprehensive vancomycin AUC dosing tool. PrecisePK is now collaborating with Wolters Kluwer's Sentri7 Pharmacy, a global provider of trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions, along with Sanford Guide, a distinguished infectious disease guideline provider.

About PrecisePK
PrecisePK was first deployed in 1987 at the UC San Diego Medical Center and Rady Children's Hospital as TDMS 2000. Today, PrecisePK is a global provider of therapeutic drug monitoring software for Bayesian model-informed precision dosing, it empowers clinicians to achieve individualized drug dosing and safeguard patient care easily. PrecisePK makes clinical support more timely, accessible, and user-friendly at the point of care.

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